metrorail redevelopment

Updated September 20, 2014 ... click on images to enlarge

Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Phase 1 expansion from Falls Church to Reston, and Phase 2 from Reston to Dulles International Airport, are driving land value increases, new building on vacant land, and replacement of existing original low density Reston buildings along the Dulles corridor.  Metrorail Silver Line Phase 1 opened for business on July 26, 2014.

Fairfax County initiated the Reston Master Plan Special Study in March 2007, a multi-phase planning study to identify appropriate changes to the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan to help guide future development in the planned community of Reston and adjoining areas located along the Dulles Airport Access and Toll Road (the Dulles Corridor).  All discussions are open to the public.  You can also sign up for Fairfax County email subscriptions to receive newsletters, updates and alerts on various topics, including the Reston Master Plan Special Study, that can be sent directly to your e-mail account.

Fairfax County also rescheduled local Reston bus service to accommodate Silver Line passengers.  Six public meetings, including two in Reston were held in February 2013 to discuss a proposed Fairfax Connector plan that would restructure, add, and eliminate routes.  The Fairfax County Dept. of Transportation sought public input on 12 new routes, among other changes, to coincide with the Metrorail Silver Line opening. 

RA also maps and tracks progress of significant current and planned Reston development and redevelopment projects on its website.

One large multi-use project, nearby Reston Spectrum Center, will create 774,879 square feet of non-residential use; 1,422 multifamily residential units (with 12 percent set aside for affordable housing) in seven new residential buildings; 38 percent open space; underground and structure parking; LEED certifications; two new east-west streets and expanded bike trails and pedestrian access.

Two massive residential redevelopment projects near Hickory Cluster are currently underway.  Together they mark " ...  a new stage for Reston ... the first time large residential complexes are being torn down to build even larger, new ones. ... ":

Parc Reston ... this large redevelopment project demolished 82 two and three-story apartment units in September 2012 to make way for two new 14-story towers and a total of 360 condo units; already approved by Fairfax County and RA DRB, construction underway.

Fairway Apartments ... this huge redevelopment project near Hickory Cluster Block 3 will demolish 348 existing units and build 804 new units; already approved by Fairfax County and RA DRB; with proposed new building exterior designs inspired by Hickory Cluster Goodman Houses

Other large, pending residential redevelopment projects nearby include:

Reston National Golf Course ... massive medium density residential redevelopment possible; would remove a major 166 acre open space area partly owned by The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. since 2005; formally opposed by Reston Association and Rescue Reston.  The Fairfax County Department of Planning and Zoning said the Board of Zoning Appeals hearing scheduled for September 25 has been postponed by the golf course owners indefinitely.  "This does not mean the threat  to our open space is over, just indefinitely delayed," said Connie Hartke, a Rescue Reston vice president.

Lake Anne Crescent Apartments aka Lake Anne Village Center Revitalization ... another potentially massive redevelopment will demolish 181 existing units and could build up to 935 units on the 16.5 acre Crescent site when consolidated with the LARCA/LAVC parking lot and Fellowship House sites as preferred.  This project is intended to act as a catalyst for Lake Anne Village Center revitalization and to increase affordable housing in the area.  An October 1, 2012 community meeting provided updates on the Crescent Redevelopment Project, procurement process, anticipated timeline, and overview of the RFP evaluation criterion at Reston Community Center Lake Anne.  The RFP required relocation of current Crescent residents, one-for-one replacement of the 181 affordable units, an additional 151 workforce units and, ideally, a consolidation of surrounding properties. 

Fairfax County chose Republic Land Development LLC on July 2, 2013 to develop the property.  Additional terms include realignment of Village Road, the relocation plan must be included in the first phase of development, and Republic must include plans for the Lake Anne Plaza parking lot, the empty convenience store location, and the Association of School Business Officials building. 

The Lutheran Fellowship House Foundation (FHF) also proposed redevelopment of the aging Lake Anne Fellowship House between Hickory Cluster Block 1 and the LAVC Revitalization project.  Fairfax County, RA DRB, and HCA meetings with FHF and their development partners Norvus Residential LLC resulted in a lack of public and private support for both proposed Section 8 financing, and for a proposed massive 425-unit building design that would tower over Block 1 and destroy critical property perimeter tree buffer zones.  However, as of September 2014, FHF plans were placed on hold and the scheduled September 17 Fairfax County Planning Commission Public Hearing was postponed indefinitely.

Potential nearby recreation developments include:

Baron Cameron Park Recreation Center ... Fairfax County Park Authority and Reston Community Center partnership proposal for an indoor aquatics, gym, and fitness facility to be built on existing County park open space.  A public information meeting was held May 7, 2013.