Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The HCA Annual Meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Saturday, May 20, 2017, at the Rose Gallery in the Reston Community Center at Lake Anne.  TWC will mail meeting information, Director nomination forms, and Proxy absentee vote forms to all HCA Members in late April or early May.  HCA will also post the 2017 meeting packet on this website.  However, only Members in good standing with no past due balances may vote or be elected. 

Two current Director positions are up for nomination and election this year for full three-year terms.  HCA encourages interested Members in good standing to provide Nomination Form statements of interest and qualifications to TWC as soon as possible, but no later than 1:00 p.m. Friday, May 19, 2017, and to indicate if you would like that information posted on this HCA website.  Or you can choose to be nominated at the Annual Meeting itself.

Volunteer Directors of this non-profit, non-stock corporation are tasked by the original 1964 HCA Articles of Incorporation with maintaining and improving the Common Areas; enforcing covenants and restrictions; and assessing, collecting, and disbursing funds; all for the benefit of the property and peace, health, comfort, and safety of residents.  Directors typically review budgets, proposals, and contracts; collaborate with other Directors, neighbors, and consultants to make critical decisions; and may provide hands-on project leadership.  Directors must meet at least quarterly, but usually meet monthly.  At whatever level, HCA welcomes your participation.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


From the Reston RELAC air conditioning chilled water service team this morning:  "We are beginning our pre-season startup procedures for the RELAC system.  Please check your basement or other location in your home where your chilled water equipment is located.  Please call if you have any questions as to where the equipment is located.  You may hear air in your AC pipes occasionally while we pressurize the system and this is normal.  As always call if you see any signs of leaking or any other questions and we are looking forward to serving you for the upcoming cooling season.  All hosebibs should be fully closed and only used by service technicians.  As a reminder the 2017 season startup date is May 22, or the 2nd consecutive 80 degree day in May."  UPDATES ... April 24:  "As you know the official startup date is May 22 or the 2nd consecutive 80 degree day in May.  With that said we are pushing our schedule to try to get it (the chilled water central plant) operational by this Friday April 28th.  April 27:  "Reston RELAC is now operational (and chilled water is available for cooling in customer systems)!!  We began operations at noon on April 27.  Our push to get ready early for the 2017 season has been successful.  Once we get past this hot weather we will need to shutdown for a few hours during the day to complete the startup process.  We even beat our estimate of this Friday at noon.  Please let us know of any services issues by calling us at (703) 349-3301 ... "  May 11:  Due to the cooler weather RELAC has been temporarily turned off.  The weather forecast shows under 60 degrees for the next few days.  Sunday at noon is the most likely time for resuming operations.  If the temperature goes below 60 degrees we will again shutdown until noon the following day.  During shutdown times water will continue circulating but only at ground temperature cool.  For future service updates, please visit the Reston RELAC website at, and contact them to make sure you receive their service update emails directly.