hickory cluster association

Updated June 21, 2018

Hickory Cluster Association (HCA) is a Code of Virginia Title 13.1 Chapter 10 Nonstock Corporation and incorporated on November 16, 1964.

The Association's purpose is to " ... take title to, hold, maintain, improve, and beautify, without profit to itself, for the use in common of all the members thereof, their families, guests, and invitees, such parking areas, streets, open spaces, paths, and other facilities ... to enforce the covenants, restrictions ... and to assess, collect, and disburse the charges created under said Deed. ... ."

Palindrome Corporation, the original Reston land owner and development company whose first name for this group of 90 townhomes was Reston Hill Cluster, deeded common area land and improvements to HCA on March 18, 1965 for $10.00.

HCA is also registered as a U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(4) tax exempt civic organization with net earnings devoted only to charitable, educational, or recreational  purposes.  More specifically, HCA is a membership organization formed by a real estate developer to own and maintain common green areas, streets and sidewalks, and to enforce covenants to preserve the appearance of the development, operated for the benefit  of all the residents of the community.

Within HCA Revised Bylaws adopted by the Board of Directors on November 3, 1993, Article II, Section 1 states that membership in the Corporation is composed of " ... All persons owning of record any Lot, with or without improvements of a dwelling unit or townhouse ... on the property shown within Hickory Cluster ... ."

According to Revised Bylaws Article IV, Section 1, "The affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by its Directors. ... ."  And according to Bylaws Article IV, Section 2, "The election of Directors by members of the Corporation shall be held at the annual meeting held in May each year."

Early HCA Directors were listed in the Hickory Cluster Handbook, First Edition, published in 1975.  Current HCA Directors and their leadership roles are:


  Hillary Carter-Diebold, 2018-21 ... hcarterdiebold@gmail.com
    2018-19 Director-At-Large

  Thomas L. Drake, 2016-19 ... cmc14541@verizon.net
    2017-19 Secretary and Corporate Officer
    2016-17 Director-At-Large
    2016-17 Guest Parking Light Addition
    2017 Street Pothole Repair
    2017-18 HCA Website Management
    2018 Block 1 Fellowship House Redevelopment

  Michael W. Smith, 2011-20 ... michaelsmithhcdir@hotmail.com
    2013-17, 2018-19 President and Corporate Officer
    2017-18 Treasurer
    2011-13 Director-At-Large
    2011-15 Cluster Clean-Up
    2012 Plaza Lamppost Refinishing
    2012-13 Landscape Committee
    2012 Budget Reserves Informal Review
    2013-15 Tree Maintenance
    2013 Footpath Reconstruction
    2015 Garage Loan Refinance
    2015 Pond Dredging and Dam Repair
    2015 IRS 501(c)(4) Tax Status Change Impacts
    2015-17 Street Asphalt Repaving
    2017 Nuisance Tree Trimming
    2016 FY16 Financial Audit Review
    2018 Block 1 Fellowship House Redevelopment
    2018-23 Reserve Study
    2018 IRS 501(c)(4)Tax Status Review


  Jeffrey R. Ashley, R.A., 2014-20 ... jeffashley@comcast.net
    2014-19 Director-At-Large
    2011, 2015 Cluster Clean-Up
    2014-16 Block 3 Retaining Walls Repair
    2014-15 Fire Lane Signage Reduction
    2014 Free From 15 Information
    2016 Plaza Concrete Trip Hazard Repairs
    2015-18 Street Asphalt Repaving

  Michael L. Poss, M.Arch., 2010-19 ... zmikey@aol.com
    2017-18 President and Corporate Officer
    2012-17 Secretary and Corporate Officer
    2010-12, 2018-19 Director-At-Large
    2012-18 RA Design Review Board Applications
    2011-13 Landscape Committee
    2011-13 Tree Action Plan Phase I
    2012-17 HCA Website Design and Management
    2012 Budget Reserves Informal Review
    2012 RA Realtor Tour
    2012 General Resolution 14 Draft
    2012-13 General Resolution 15 Draft
    2012-14 General Resolution 16 Draft
    2014-15 Resale Compliance Summary Draft
    2012-16, 18 Common Area Powerwash
    2010-18 Cluster Clean-Up
    2013-14 Fairfax County Historic Site Inventory
    2013-14 Reston Film Coordination
    2013-15 RELAC Information
    2014 Reston Museum Home Tour
    2015 Guest Parking Hazard Tree Removal
    2016-17 Cluster Tree Risk Assessment
    2016-17 Stream Restoration Coordination
    2017 Common Area Storage
    2018 Short-Term Rentals
    2018 Block 2+ RA Bamboo Removal
    2018 RA Cluster Inspections


  Sean H. Joyner, 2018-21 ... joyner.sean@gmail.com
    2018-19 Vice President

  David R. Pickering, 2016-19 ... dave2001@aol.com
    2016-19 Director-At-Large
    2017 Common Area Storage
    2018 Block 3 Landing Railing Refinishing

For more on the HCA 1964 Articles of Incorporation, 1993 Amendments and Bylaws, Special and General Resolutions, and other artifacts, see the Governing Documents page on this website.

For general comments about Hickory Cluster, please email the HCA Director(s) representing your Block as noted above, or Management Agent Kim Hendon at khendon@twcmanagement.com.

For comments about this website, email hickoryclusterassociation@gmail.com.