Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The Washington Post reported today that the visionary real estate developer who hired Hickory Cluster Architect Charles M. Goodman, FAIA, to design major Tyson's Corner office parks and The Commons at McLean multi-family apartment complex, WestGroup Management LLC former founder Gerald T. Halpin, died August 14, 2017 at age 94.  Like Reston's founder Robert E. Simon, Jr. earlier at Hickory Cluster, Halpin commissioned Charles M. Goodman and Associates to transform raw land into notable and successful works of Modern, and later Post-Modern, Architecture.  Goodman's WestGroup buildings exhibited many of the same design elements used earlier at River Park Mutual Homes in Washington, DC and then in Hickory Cluster, including bi-panel and tri-panel aluminum window units, and jutting structural component ends later expressed larger as building mass. 

Sadly, many if not most Goodman WestGroup buildings, including the Commons, have been or will be demolished as part of MetroRail Silver Line station area re-development to make way for newer, larger, and more profitable buildings.  For more information, also see the HCA Goodman Preservation webpage.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


HCA will begin a long-overdue street asphalt re-paving and re-painting project within the next few weeks.  As part of that work, HCA has now posted and will paint the Block 3 entrance parking lot south end as a designated no parking area to be used only for backing out of adjacent east and west spaces.  Effective immediately, residents should park in east and west spaces only.  Residents parked in the end no parking area will be cited and towed at their expense without further notice.  For more information, contact re-paving project co-lead Director Jeff Ashley.

Friday, August 11, 2017


To conserve, protect, and enhance the value of all real property subject to Fairfax County Codes and the Amended Reston Deed, the County, RA, and HCA established standards that govern the upkeep, use, occupancy, condition, and physical appearance of that property.  Upon purchase, HCA Member homeowners agree to maintain their Goodman Houses in compliance with these standards.  If they do not fulfill their obligations, then RA and HCA typically cite them for non-compliance as part of the disclosure process leading to home resale Settlement.  At that point, resolving non-compliant items becomes a negotiated matter between Sellers and Buyers, and Buyers inherit full responsibility for all unresolved non-compliant items.  Unfortunately, some Sellers just pass on these problems to Buyers, some Buyers never resolve them, and the architectural integrity and unique value of Hickory Cluster spirals downward.  So to encourage timely resolution, Goodman design preservation, and higher property values, HCA now notifies Buyers within the HCA Compliance Summary that they must resolve non-compliant items within 90 days after Settlement if Sellers have not already resolved them.  If unresolved 90 days after Settlement, HCA will act further to enforce compliance.  For reference, see RA Cluster Housing Design GuidelinesRA Use and Maintenance Standards, and HCA Governing Documents.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


HCA typically holds Regular Meetings on the third Wednesday of each month, except when holidays or other schedules conflict.  However, the Wednesday, August 16 meeting has been rescheduled to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at RCC Lake Anne to ensure full and timely Executive Session discussion and award of street asphalt re-paving proposals, and to accommodate a key HCA Director unavailable the previous week.  In addition, because of an RCC facility scheduling conflict on Wednesday, September 20, the HCA Regular Meeting that month will be held instead at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, September 21, 2017 at RCC Lake Anne.  As usual, HCA will follow its typical Regular Meeting agenda.