Wednesday, January 27, 2016


From Republic Services, formerly AAA Rainbow, this afternoon:  "Republic Services will be operating residential routes tomorrow, (Thursday) January 28. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to access all streets due to narrow or icy conditions. Also, please have residents place containers on a cleared surface accessible by our crews.  ... Recycling missed on ... Monday ... will be serviced the next scheduled recycling service day (next Monday).  ... all routes will be delayed in the coming days due to street conditions and large amounts of materials.  Thank you and we appreciate your patience and understanding."

Sunday, January 24, 2016


UPDATE SUN JAN 24 PM ... The contractor Bobcat track loader was onsite late Sunday and working hard until almost midnight.  Looks like all HCA roadways are now mostly clear, including the Blocks 2 and 3 traffic loops.  What remains are major plaza snow piles that may last weeks or months, and some snow rows in front of parked cars to shovel out tomorrow.  North Shore Drive and other major roadways are mostly clear except for some narrow or missing right lanes.  NWS official total snowfall at Lake Anne was 29.0 inches for this January 22-23 storm and was reported to be only the eighth snowiest.  The January 2010 record still stands at 40.8 inches, followed by the 1996 record at 32.0 inches. 
UPDATE SUN JAN 24 AM ... The contractor was unable to fully plow HCA roads during the blizzard yesterday and plowing is not now possible within the rowhouse area of Block 2.  Their plan is to bring in a track loader to dig out and relocate the roadway snow today.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


About removing snow from Goodman House flat roofs:  The Washington Post published related information in a 2010 homeowner snow safety article recommending that homeowners not risk injury to themselves or their roofs by shoveling rooftop snow.  Members should also consult with Fairfax County building officials or licensed Professional Engineers for official information and professional opinions about snow loads and depth limits.  However, unofficial estimates based on public information including 2010 Fairfax County design loads of snow plus workers / equipment / supplies, and typical 10 percent minimum to 45 percent maximum water content densities, suggest that for dry light minimum density snow the depth limit is about 123 inches, for average density snow the depth limit is about 45 inches, and for wet heavy maximum density snow the depth limit is about 27 inches.
UPDATE SAT JAN 23 PM ... The storm is in full blizzard mode today and the roadways are full of snow again.  No plowing.  Snowfall stopped at about midnight.
UPDATE SAT JAN 23 AM ... Two snowplow passes performed late last night or early this morning.
UPDATE FRI JAN 22 PM ... Snowfall began at about noon.
UPDATE FRI JAN 22 AM from NOAA National Weather Service ... " ... Blizzard Warning remains in effect from 3:00 p.m. Friday through 6:00 a.m. Sunday  ... heavy snow and wind with blowing and drifting snow ...  whiteout conditions ... snow accumulation of more than 24 inches ... strong north winds 25-35 mph with gusts to 60 mph ... temperatures in mid-20F ... potential life threatening conditions expected ... travel is expected to be severely limited if not impossible during the height of the storm ... possibility of power outages ... ."  VDOT roadway plowing information is available online.  RA will clear RA and some pre-agreed County footpaths only.
UPDATE THU JAN 21 from the contractor ... " ... We have made sufficient preparations and are ready ... Our equipment and employees will be pushed to their limits and in some cases beyond. ... during the heaviest snow we will be working hard to keep at least one lane open in your neighborhood.  As the storm moves away from our area on Saturday evening we will begin the process of digging out.  It will most likely take until late Monday or possibly Tuesday before we are able to wrap up snow operations.  Throughout the storm we will be periodically updating you with current information ... During this time please be patient with us and understand that we are working as efficiently as we can considering the circumstances.  We will get through it with determination and everyone's cooperation and understanding."
Perfect Landscapes LLC, Ashburn, VA will provide 2016 HCA roadway snow removal, in addition to similar services for nearby Waterview Cluster and other Reston communities.  The contractor began storm preparations this week by placing curb and fire hydrant vertical reflector markers for typical late night operations to start after more than one inch of snow accumulation.


HCA sent residents a letter on December 10, 2015 announcing upcoming parking hang tag distribution and related enforcement starting February 1, 2016.  Unfortunately, this letter included the following instructions in error:  " ... If someone is parked in your assigned spot you will need to call Henry's Towing at 703 471-0010.  You will need to meet them at your reserved space and show proper ID. ...

Residents should disregard these specific instructions and must contact a Director or TWC to authorize towing a vehicle from HCA Common Areas, including assigned parking spaces, because only Directors and TWC have that authority, and because unauthorized towing could result in personal liability for damages.  Note also that parking hang tags dated as issued in 2015 will be valid until re-issued.  For complete parking rules, residents should refer to HCA General Resolution 1, Parking Regulations on this website or available in your home purchase Disclosure Documents package, and contact a Director or TWC for tags not yet received or other concerns.