Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Reston RELAC LLC will start the upcoming Spring-Summer-Fall chilled water cooling season as early as the first two consecutive days of 80F May weather, but no later than May 22, to meet Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) tariff requirements.  In preparation, the RELAC team has been cleaning, repairing, and fine tuning its plant equipment and distribution systems to begin full operation as early as May 1.  For inspection, cleaning, and repair of individual HCA home chilled water cooling coil, dehumidifying condensation drain, supply solenoid valve, billing meter, and emergency turn-off valves, contact the RELAC team directly.  For contact and related information, see the RELAC page on this website and updates posted here when available.  UPDATE ... Reston RELAC advised that the system will begin seasonal operation on Tuesday, May 5, following last minute repairs.


As rainwater runoff flows downhill from Lake Newport and everywhere in between, it brings along sediment and debris that builds up in the HCA pond and in Lake Anne.  Every few years, RA dredges, drains, and removes that excess material. 

In late 2013, RA funded 2015 dredging of five lakes and ponds, including $92,705 for the HCA pond.  HCA hoped to coordinate dredging at the same time as adjacent Stream Restoration work, but the larger project remains on hold because funding from a slow commercial real estate market is not yet available. 

On April 6, 2015, RA mailed postcards to HCA Members advising that dredging would begin as early as April 15 to remove about 200 cubic yards of accumulated sediment from the HCA pond, repair the dam broken during the last dredging, and restore HCA grounds to pre-dredge conditions, including any damage to the newly-rebuilt HCA asphalt footpaths.  RA will use the North Shore Drive access ramp, place dewatering bags on the unused HCA volleyball court for up to 100 days, and then remove all equipment and related materials from the area.  HCA will benefit from this difficult and expensive work to improve pond appearance and function at no additional cost.  Contact HCA President Michael Smith for more information.

UPDATE ... RA announced on July 9 that HCA pond work is about to begin.  WSSI started draining and rerouting pond water on July 17 from the north and west inlets to dry and remove all accumulated soil, rock, and leaf debris, and to inspect and repair the footbridge dam damaged during the last dredging.  The three to six week project will significantly increase pond water level, appearance, safety, and recreational value.  All pedestrians should avoid safety fenced areas and equipment.