Tuesday, February 25, 2014


From Blade Runners this afternoon:  "We have had between 1-3 inches of snow in the past several hours.  While this has not made a significant accumulation on pavement there is slush in some areas. This evening the forecast is for an additional 1-2 inches of snow.  The temperatures are going to remain below freezing today and barely above tomorrow.  For these reasons we plan to pre-treat with ice control this evening.  Roadway Plowing ... none planned.  Magic Salt Pre-Treatment on roadway ... planned for this afternoon and evening."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


From Blade Runners earlier today:  "As you know, we are headed for what might be the largest snow event in the past four years. We will begin with plowing and shoveling, and ice control will follow.

Roadway plowing will begin in the early morning hours and continue during the day tomorrow. Expectations of a clear accessible lot at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow will not be realistic.  It is going to take multiple passes to control the snow accumulation.  We will target for a clear lot by the evening tomorrow.  Ice control treatment will be completed with a target of Thursday evening.

With heavier accumulations come a new set of client concerns.  We have found there can be a great distance between what we have been hired to do, and what ... residents expect.  It is my strong suggestion that you take the time to read the information that is on our snow site http://www.blade-runners.com/snow/ .  Please review the Frequently Asked Questions, Snow Plowing Equipment, How Can I Help , and Blade Runners Service Specs. 

 ... Residents will be home and shoveling their cars tomorrow.  Often their interaction with the driver slows our ability to work.  In addition, throwing snow from the parked cars into the roadway creates additional challenge.  Anything to help with these challenges is appreciated


From Republic Services, formerly AAA Rainbow, earlier today regarding Thursday, February 13 trash pickup:  "As many of us are aware there are mixed predictions regarding snowfall accumulations in our area across the next several days.  As of right now our area is slated to begin receiving snow/sleet Wednesday evening with accumulations between 4-8 inches throughout the night.

If we receive these snowfall amounts our crews will likely not be servicing on Thursday, February 13They (weather forecasters) also call for the snow to continue throughout the day Thursday with some predictions calling for over a foot of snow at (day's) end.  ...
The main issue at this time is that our service is going to depend on how much snow we receive and when and how it hits our area.  (Republic) ... will update everyone as soon as our crews can determine if it will be safe for service on Thursday and will continue to update into Friday. ...  As always, our No. 1 priority is Safety for all and we appreciate your patience during this weather event."

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


From Blade Runners this morning:  "Blade Runners plans to pre-treat roadways ... this evening.  This is to prepare for the Wednesday evening snow event."

Saturday, February 8, 2014


From Blade Runners midday yesterday:  "We originally had a long range forecast for a significant event this weekend.  It has broken up into several smaller systems.  Saturday evening may bring an inch of snow.  Many clients have asked for pre-treatment and we will be filling those requests Saturday morning and afternoon.  We do not plan to provide this service unless you request it.  Roadway plowing ... none planned.  Roadway ice control pre-treatment ... none planned. ... "