Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Reston RELAC LLC President Mark Waddell just advised customers via email that the system was up and running yesterday following initial plans to start service on May 9 just before the weather cooled down, and then on the official SCC tariff operations start date of May 20 when air temperatures went down again.  The NOAA National Weather Service predicts 80F+ outside air temperatures for the remainder of this pre-Memorial Day holiday week.  Waddell requested that customers do not bleed air out of their home chiller coils because RELAC automatically bleeds air and adds water within the chiller plant closed loop.  For 2016 Summer Season startup assistance or any other home system issues, call RELAC at (703) 349-3301.

Monday, May 16, 2016


Block 3 Member David R. Pickering announced in a May 15 message and statements of interest and qualifications that he will seek election to the HCA Board of Directors.  Block 1 Member Thomas Drake also confirmed in a May 18 message that he too will be a candidate for Director and provided statements of interest and qualifications.  In addition, Director Madeline Cohen announced at the May 18 monthly Board meeting that she is resigning her unexpired 2014-17 term, and Director Ashley and Secretary Poss indicated they would seek re-election.  Although an election for three Director terms was previously announced, the election will now be for three 2016-19 full terms, and for the remainder of one 2014-17 unexpired term, at the 2016 HCA Annual Meeting on the morning of Saturday, May 21, 2016, at the Lake Anne Reston Community Center.  Please note that the meeting packet cover letter dated April 29 incorrectly stated that the May 21 election was for only two Directors.  HCA encourages all Members in good standing to participate.


As announced in a notice distributed to all Members as part of the 2016 Annual Meeting information packet, Block 1 plaza powerwashing starts today, Monday, May 16.  Block 2 is scheduled for Tuesday-Wednesday, May 17-18, and Block 3 for Thursday-Friday, May 19-20.  The schedule is subject to change depending on weather and other factors.  Members should remove private property stored on Common Areas and relocate nearby vehicles to provide contractor access to plazas and related surfaces, and to prevent the chance of personal property damage.  Please refer to the notice above for more information.