governing documents

Updated January 21, 2018

Founding Documents
  Deed of Dedication, Covenants, Restrictions
    1964 Recorded Deed
    1964 Recorded Deed Exhibit A Survey Plat
  Articles of Incorporation
    1964 Edition
    1993 Amendments
  Corporate Bylaws
    1974 Edition
    1993 Revised Edition

Special Resolutions
  1: Relating to Types of Board Resolutions and Manner of Recording
  2: Creation, Modification, and Deletion of Resolutions
  3: Relating to Violations of the Instruments and Rules and Regulations

General Resolutions
  1: Parking Regulations
  2: Code of Conduct Rules and Regulations
  3: Storm Door Installation
  4: Window Replacement
  5: Exterior Painting Standards and Maintenance of Concrete Beams
      Appendix A: Master Color Chart ... specific products and colors
      Appendix B: Hickory Cluster Paint Palette ... general colors
      Summary:  Colors Assigned to Particular House Doors, Panels ... draft
      Duron 5414D Asteroid color swatch reference
      Duron Dura Kote White now Duron Weathershield 914 White
      BASF Thorocoat product renamed BASF MasterProtect HB 400 in 2014
        Thorocoat Pearl Gray 8510 color now HB 400 Pearl Gray 9274-M
        Sample Product Labels:
          Fine Grade (traditional, thicker): 1 and 2,
          Smooth Grade (new, thinner to cover initial thicker coats):  1 and 2
  6: Fence Standards ... with color-enhanced section cut drawings
      Illustration 1: Compliant Wood Fence Elevations
      Illustration 2: Compliant Wood Fence Section Cuts
      Note:  Shadowbox wood fence and gate designs are non-compliant
  7: Annual Dues Assessment
  8: Ten Year Special Assessment
  9: Access to Cluster Records
  10: Annual Meeting
  11: Goodman Fund
  12: Delinquent Assessment Collection
  13: Window Replacement Revision
  14: Association Complaint Procedure
  15: Goodman House Mail Receptacles

Financial Reports
  2010 December/YTD Income/Expense
  2010 Audit
  2011 December/YTD Income/Expense
  2011 Audit
  2012 December/YTD Income/Expense
  2012 Audit
  2013 December/YTD Income/Expense
  2013 Audit
  2014 December/YTD Income/Expense
  2014 Audit
  2015 December/YTD Income/Expense
  2015 Audit
  2016 December/YTD Income/Expense
  2016 Audit ... in process
  2017 December/YTD Income/Expense ... pre-audit

Revitalization/Garage Project Loan
    February Fairfax County Unsafe Building Notice
    March Letter to Members
    March Assessments and Financing Information
    May Letter to Members
    May Questions and Answers on Homeowner Loan Pre-Payment
    June Letter to Members
    July Freeman White Paper
    July Letter to Members
    October Letter to Members
    October How Pre-Payments Work ... see page 4, items 8-9
    Pre-Payment Agreement Form
    December Next Year Payment Information
    January Washington Post Article
    August Project Launch Press Release
    August Fairfax Times Article
    March Budget Tracking of Advances
    July Application and Certificate for Payment
      Financial Summary
      Balance Sheet YTD
      Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual YTD
      Transactions by Account
    Bank Loan Summary

Common Area Trash Storage and Disposal
    February 1 Trash, Refuse, Debris, and Storage on Common Property
    February 3 Trash Storage and Disposal
    May 1 Trash Storage and Disposal
    May 1 Common Area Trash Storage and Disposal   
    May 1 Common Area Pet Walking
    July 1 Final Notice ... August 1 compliance

Common Area Parking
  Revitalization/Garage Project Period
      March Temporary Parking Regulations
      November General Resolution 1: Parking Regulations
      July Note to Prospective Buyers
      July Parking Discussion Minutes
  Post-Revitalization Period
      March 23 Parking Regulations Letter
      December 10 Parking Hang Tag Letter ... towing info in error
      December 28 Parking Hang Tag Letter
      January 20 Towing Authority Error Correction Post
      February 16 Towing Authority Error Correction Notice
      May 1 Common Area Parking
      December 1 New Parking Hang Tags, Homeowner Info Form
Reston Association
  Governing Documents
  Design Review
  Design Guidelines
  Design Review Board (DRB)
  DRB Application and Review ... requires HCA Officer signature
  Property Use and Maintenance Standards
  Written Complaint Form and Procedure

RA Notices of HCA Violations of RA Covenants
  20xx Block 3 EIFS Wall Discoloration
  2013 Tree Debris Visible to Public Adjacent to UCP

Fairfax County
  Pet Waste Ordinance Chapter 41
  Fire Lane Ordinance Chapter 62
  Open Burning Ordinance Chapter 62
  Noise Ordinance Chapter 108
  2013 Interim Residential Nuisance Noise Law Overview
  Occupancy Limits Zoning Ordinance Section 2-502
  Community Complaints

Commonwealth of Virginia
  Nonstock Corporation Act Title 13.1 Chapter 10
  Property Owners' Association Act Title 55 Chapter 26
  Common Interest Community Ombudsman Regulations