Thursday, December 17, 2015


In late 2014, Northern Virginia Stream Bank principal Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. collected soil samples for bulk density, phosphorus, and nitrogen content analysis to study downstream Lake Anne pollution reduction possibilities.  More recently, the WSSI Director of Engineering reported that start of  the overall project is " ... more of a possibility now that it has been in several years!  We have begun a process of developing costs to provide to our investor to see if they will fund the restoration of both your (between Blocks 1-2) stream as well as the reach in Vantage Hill (partially on HCA property northwest of Block 2). ... We had our onsite meeting with prospective contractors and they are putting together their estimates.  One big change ... because of (nesting bird and bat species) restrictions on clearing trees after March ... we have decided to delay the construction until the Fall of next year (2016) starting in September. ... We all have an interest in keeping the construction period as short as possible! ... We can plan a community meeting once the construction plans are more definite. ... "  For more information, see the related HCA pond dredging post and stream restoration page on this website.  HCA will post updates here when available.


Rumors circulated since last August that the decade-long plan to redevelop Lake Anne Village Center had collapsed.  Official announcements late last week from Fairfax County and Lake Anne Development Partners turned those rumors into reality.  A competitive Reston Town Center, nearby new apartment construction boom, required below market value housing, and insufficient financing made the County / LADP plan economically infeasible.  Gone for now will be new higher rent shops and lower rent homes, and years of nearby construction, noise, and traffic congestion.  Saved, at least temporarily, are an original service station, office building, former garden center now a market, former bank now a cat clinic, nearby maturely treed land-swap parcel, and a First Village center as designed.  Several sources speculated that any future plans may be much smaller in scale.