Monday, March 25, 2013


Spring snow.  Hopefully Winter's last gasp.  Dodged another major storm.

From Blade Runners early this morning:  "We are going to wait for a 2" accumulation before beginning any plow work. We will keep you informed this morning as the event takes shape." 

HCA then advised Blade Runners that with only about two inches of snow on the ground and no new snow falling, Maple Ridge Road and Hickory Cluster are slushy and fully passable, so plowing does not appear to be necessary.  However ice control may be worthwhile if temperatures drop below freezing tonight.  Blade Runners responded:  "We do not plan to plow, and take a wait and see on the melt-off to decide on ice control this evening." 

And from Blade Runners late this morning:  "As you can see the storm has largely come to an end. The concern is the possibility that the slush can freeze this evening as temps are headed into the 20s. Many clients have already ordered ice control for this evening as a precaution. We plan to make a judgment at 3pm after review of the melt-off."  Because continued rain melted the snow and slush, and since nighttime temperatures should be above or near freezing, Blade Runners will not provide ice control services at Hickory Cluster tonight.

Although HCA prudently budgets several thousand dollars each year for snow removal services, the work is billed on an as-needed basis with minimum charges as noted within Blade Runners contract scope of work on the HCA website Grounds page.  So no service, no charge.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


From Blade Runners this afternoon:  "A mixed bag would be the best way to put it. We can visit one site and find small amounts and travel 1/4 mile to find accumulations. Our plan is to complete this plowing round and follow with an application of Ice Control."

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


From Blade Runners this afternoon:  "As many of you know, we are about to receive some snow to plow. We have not lowered our plows in 2 years! There is no plan for ice control as the storm starts with rain and it will not be effective. The snow is scheduled to fall in bands over a 12-18hr period. It is likely we will be plowing all day and into the evening with multiple visits needed. We plan to have our crews at the ready in the early morning hours. We will keep you posted as tomorrow unfolds."