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Updated February 18, 2016
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2011 FALL

Thanks to Director Michael Smith and Jim Livingood in Block 1, Martina White, Jeff Ashley, Shirley Manning, and Director Michael Poss in Block 2, Toni Della Ratta, Director Sara Bradley, and Ann Youngren in Block 3, and many others who volunteered valuable time and effort.  Accomplishments included:
  Removed significant tree debris from Block 2 entrance and clusterwide
  Cut tree vines along Maple Ridge Road in Block 1 and the Block 2/3 path
  Removed dead dogwood tree from Block 1 Maple Ridge entrance 
  Removed dead tree from Common Area behind 11501 MR
  Removed dead tree from Common Area behind 11573 MR
  Removed dead tree from Common Area behind 11530 HC 


Thanks to Director Michael Smith and Jim Livingood in Block 1, Anna Warburton and others in Block 3, Fred Swartzendruber, Darryl Kramer, Director Blake Travis, Shirl Sellers, Shirley Manning, and Director Michael Poss in Block 2, and many others throughout the cluster.  Accomplishments included:
  Significant tree debris removed clusterwide
  Ivy and debris removed behind several Block 2 and 3 residences
  Tree vines cut and removed along the Block 2/3 stream footpath


Another successful effort on Saturday-Sunday, December 1-2, 2012, coordinated by Block 3 Director Zerrin Turner, Director Michael Smith in Block 1, and Director Blake Travis in Block 2.  Thanks to the hard work of Michael Smith and Jim Livingood in Block 1, Fred Swartzendruber, Shirley Manning, and Director Michael Poss and TBD in Block 2, TBD in Block 3, and many others throughout the cluster.  Accomplishments included:
  Cleaning debris from Common Areas behind patios
  Clearing tree debris clusterwide
  Cutting and removing ivy growing on trees
  Stacking debris near paths and streets for removal


Another successful Cluster Clean-Up.  A beautiful weekend with great weather.  Participation increased from last year.  Thanks to the following dedicated residents, homeowners and tenants alike, who together volunteered their valuable time and energy to help improve Hickory Cluster.

Block 1
Director Michael Smith, Jim Livingood, Stuart and Margaret Belfield, Steve Smith, and several others TBD mulched flowerbeds and pruned the Block 1 planters.  Of special note is the dedication of Director Michael Smith who almost single-handedly purchased, transported, and distributed more than 350 bags of mulch from Home Depot ... a huge effort that took many hours during several days.

Block 2
Director John Rowley and his son John, Mona Rowland, Dana McClish, and several others TBD mulched the Block 2 flowerbeds and planters.  Dana McClish also weeded flowerbeds and removed trash including more than 200 (!) cigarette butts.  Fred Swartzendruber gathered and stacked tree debris for several hours.   Shirley Manning and Director Michael Poss cleared the west storm drain pipe inlet, removed a tree stump and several small dead trees, trimmed trees and bushes, gathered piles of Block 2 and guest parking area tree debris and trash including lots of crushed beer cans (!), and cut parasitic vines on numerous Block 2 streambed trees.

Block 3
Director Zerrin Turner and daughter created and distributed event flyers.  Zerrin and Todd Turner, Director Greg Gallardo, and Toni Della Ratta mulched the recently-landscaped hillside near their homes.  Director Ralph and Ann Youngren created and distributed a second round of event flyers, and swept and cleaned stairs and railings for several hours.  Rob and Kim Chevez, Amy and Todd Marshall, Stan Peabody, and Madeline Cohen trimmed plants and spread lots of mulch in planters, flowerbeds, and around trees.  Bob Fey removed a large amount of fallen tree debris from HCA property near the UCP church.  Sean Joyner, Anna Warburton, and Rik Crevits cleared tree limbs and other debris from a substantial area behind their homes.  Of special note is homeowner Don Ferree who worked tirelessly during several days before, during, and after the clean-up weekend to trim parasitic vines from trees, and to clear part of the long-time neglected, overgrown central streambed Common Area.


Postponed due to earlier-than-expected cold, wet, snowy Winter weather that was a sneak preview of much more yet to come.


Another successful Cluster Clean-Up.  Two out of three beautiful weekends with great weather, despite the rain and snow storm in between.  Thanks to the following dedicated Members who volunteered their valuable time and energy to help improve Hickory Cluster, despite a long, bitterly cold, and exhausting Winter.

Block 1
Long time Member Jim Livingood again collected and stacked large amounts of fallen tree debris in and around Block 1.  Other Members tended to the Common Area planters.

Block 2
Long time Member Bob Anderson and Director Michael Poss spent several hours cutting into and removing the large thorny Block 3 hillside bush near the central Common Area footpaths intersection in preparation for the commemorative sign installation.  Work remains to remove the remaining ivy, to cut down to ground level the remaining tree/bush trunks, and to return the ground cover to grass.  Members Shirl Sellers and Fred Swartzendruber trimmed bushes and cleaned Common Area planters near their homes.  Also accomplished was the stacking of even more fallen tree debris, and the cutting of vines from numerous streambed tree trunks. 

Block 3
Long time Member Don Ferree continued his amazing work for several days clearing the central Common Area near the stream between Blocks 2 and 3, an area that early photographs show was originally a grassy meadow.  Other Block 3 Members collected and stacked much tree debris near the western edge of HCA Common Area.

FALL 2014

Unfortunately postponed to Spring 2015 because of unexpected cold, wet weather.


Another successful clean-up from March 1 through April 5 during which Members collected a huge amount of tree debris.  Other efforts of note include:

Block 1
President Michael Smith coordinated various tasks, and long-time Member Jim Livingood continued his excellent work collecting tree and other debris.

Block 2
Director Rowley and wife Karen cleaned tree-discolored plaza walkway railings, Director Travis coordinated removal of debris behind rear patios, and Director Poss cut and removed several large fallen logs and other overgrowth in the Block 2-3 streambed.

Block 3
New Member David Pickering and long-time homeowner Patrick Saavedra collaborated with Director Poss who donated use of his personal chainsaw to remove overgrown bushes behind their central Common Area rear patios, Member Shirley Manning and Director Poss cleared western property boundary storm drain blockage, Member Sean Joyner collaborated with Director Poss to clear Common Area overgrowth behind 11540-42 Hickory Cluster, and Director Cohen worked with neighbors to clear debris behind other Block 3 rear patios.

FALL 2015

Another successful clean-up starting the November 14-15 weekend.  The Common Area fallen tree debris backlog is now almost zero, so we only need to remove newly-fallen debris on a regular basis.  Special thanks to the following Members for their hard work:

Block 1
Member Jim Livingood collected fallen tree debris over a period of many weeks; Member Carol Laird removed invasive species bamboo, Director Jeff Ashley donated use of his personal chainsaw and tree-cutting expertise to remove dead trees, and President Michael Smith worked numerous clean-up tasks.

Blocks 2-3
Member Shirley Manning and Director Michael Poss cleared debris from the western property boundary storm drain in preparation for Winter and Spring storm runoff, Directors Ashley and Poss cut and removed numerous dead trees and fallen branches, and Director Poss cut vines from numerous tree trunks within the streambed area.


Tentatively planned for March-April 2016. 

FALL 2016

Tentatively planned for November 2016.